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Story by Joe Cummings / CPA Media (11 April, 2023)

Every once in a while, do you feel like dressing up a bit for an evening out on the town? Heels for the lady, a buttoned waistcoat for the gentleman?

Heading out in such attire, hip-hop and Leo beer won't do it. You'll need the music and cocktails to match, and we've got you covered with a short list of bangers.

Sky Beach - Known for its stunning 360-degree views of the city, this rooftop bar perched on the city's tallest building, King Power Mahanakhon, is a hotspot for enjoying booze and bites from a very lofty height. Rotating DJs play through a state-of-the-art sound system.

The Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental - A classic bar that offers high-level live jazz, classic cocktails made with only the best ingredients, a stunning décor, and a sophisticated atmosphere.

Iron Balls Gin Parlour - A trendy one-room longbar that boasts a selection of gin-based cocktails (plus just about any other spirit you might desire), a relaxed vibe, and good local DJs.

Tep Bar - A unique bar that serves traditional Thai herbal drinks and offers a laid-back atmosphere with live Thai classical-fusion music.

FKA Black Amber Social Club - A plush velvet-and-walnut décor in a Thonglor back alley that offers excellent bespoke cocktails, a great bourbon selection, and an all-vinyl music collection curated by famed DJ and music producer Scott Hess.

Maggie Choo's – An underground (literally, it's beneath the Novotel Silom) speakeasy-style bar boasts a striking decor inspired by 1930s Shanghai, and offers live music and an extensive cocktail menu.

Sing Sing Theater - A theater-style mega-bar designed for vibrant dance and DJ presentations, endless nooks, crannies and spiral staircases, and a wide range of cocktails.

Keep in mind that the bar scene in Bangkok is constantly changing, and there are many other great bars to discover beyond this list. It's always best to check out reviews and ratings from recent visitors to get the most up-to-date information.

Story by Joe Cummings; Photo by Joe Cummings - CPA Media